Sunday, October 12, 2008

Time to join the club

Well with the baby on the way I thought its is time for me to start one of these so family can keep track of the new coming addition to our family.

So for anyone who doesn't know we moved from Kodiak AK to Boulder City NV this May. We have been enjoying the nice warm weather of Nevada. Bryan is working at the Loran Station in Searchlight NV which is about an hour out of Boulder.
We have both taken up kayaking and hiking which Sarah (the dog) loves. I think she is happy to be out of the snow also.
As soon as we got to Nevada I had to cure my horse cravings and found a therapeutic riding program to volunteer with. I am enjoying the time I spend with the kids and the horses. I am hoping that after the baby gets here I will still have the time to volunteer and give the baby the same love of animals I have.

We are now waiting for our new addition to arrive which should be some time around November 20. I am still working on the bedding for the crib but other than that our little mans room is set for his arrival.

I will try my best to keep this updated often and lots of pictures of our new home and family.