Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bakersfield Visit

So we just got home from a 2week visit home. It was a great trip home we all had lots of fun.

We started the visit of with my birthday YEAH 21!!! We went out to dinner at Hungry Hunter and had a great time. My wonderfully parents then took a sleepy James home so I could go out with friends. We partied hearty at Logins. It was great to get to hang out with everyone.

Later on in our visit home we got to meet none other than the Dog Whisperer himself Cesar Millan! He was in town with the Bakersfield Animal Control, sadly Noah had gotten out of the yard and bit a jogger a few weeks back. He was to be quarantined to the back yard for the rest of his life but Cesar was able to give my mom some GREAT tips and Noah will be a happier safer dog for it. Cesar was a very nice man it was so cool to meet him. Travis made fun of Erica, Mom and me for being so existed! Cesar thought James was just a doll... as you can tell he held him for almost every picture.

Mom made the joke that after Cesar helped Noah with his aggression Papa helped her with hers. We went out to a friends ranch to go SHOOTING!!! It was so much fun mom and I rode the quad and I taught her to shoot a rifle.

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